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All Refunds Processed

All Refunds have been processed, please follow up with you financial institution to make sure you see the funds.  If you have not seen then after about a week, please contact us and we can figure out what is going on.  Checks for Kelly Fisk, Kyle Powlina and Ryan Vesterke will be going out shortly.

We have a call with USA Rollersports later today and hope to have an update on that for you soon.

Update on Refund Status

We will be processing refund on Friday of this week, as an FYI.  If the card that you used is no longer valid, you have until the end of the day on Thursday to let us know things have changed and we will send you a check after the returns have been processed.  As of today, only Kelly Fisk and Ryan Kesterke have reached out about this.

We still do not have official word from USA Roller Sports on their refund vs. credit for next year status, but hope to have that by the time the SIHA refunds are processed.

2018 Season Refund Status

Just wanted to provide a brief update for the refund status for those who have paid the SIHA for the 2018 season as well as USA Rollersports.

The SIHA is targeting next week as when we will process refunds.  The money will be refunded directly to the card in which you used to pay.  If that card is no longer valid, then please contact us immediately to have an alternative solution put in place.

As for USA Roller Sports, at this time we have provided them a list of the players that have registered and the initial word is that they will either credit players for next year or refund.  We are pushing for the refund, but do not have that confirmed yet.  Once we have that info, we will give it to you.

Thanks for your patience

2018 Season CANCELLED - 7/6/18

Good morning fellow SIHA'ers.  It is with great regret that I must inform you that the 2018 season has been officially canceled. 

As most of you know, we have been working tireless with the Lysander Ice Arena on a date where we could install the surface, but time and time again we have been given date to install, only to be told at the last minute that the rink still need repairs before any surface can be put on it (roller or otherwise).  We have been in CONSTANT contact with the rink since late March on getting this done, but unfortunately it will not be happening this year.

I am sure many of you have question about this and we are still working though the rest of the details.  All of you who paid us money will be refunded directly to card you used to play.  We will post a date when this will be happening, but it should be sooner than later.  

We also know that many of you got your USA Roller Sports membership for the season and we are currently working with that organization on a resolution.  Once we have any information on that, we will post it here.

Once again, we are very sorry for all the back and forth on this year's season.  We know that many of you were looking forward to playing and we were looking forward to having the league in whatever capacity it was to be, but unfortunately without a rink to put the surface down, we are at the mercy of Lysander.  

Thank you again for your patience and we will be back and better than ever next year!  If you have any questions, please reach out to either Pat or Kevin.

SIHA Crunch Nights!!

The SIHA is partnering with the Syracuse Crunch to have 4 SIHA/Crunch nights over the next few months of the season.  Tickets for these games are $15 each when purchased through the SIHA.  The dates are listed below

2/24 - Join us at the BWW in Camillus at 5pm for some appetizers before the game and then head on down to the War Memorial as the Syracuse Crunch take on the Wilkes-Barre/Scranton Penguins at 7pm.

3/10 - Join us at Willow Rock Brewery at 5pm for a beer or two before heading down to the War Memorial as the Syracuse Crunch take on the Rochester Americans at 7pm.

3/24 - Join us at the War Memorial to watch the Syracuse Crunch take on the Utica Comets at 7pm.

4/7- Join us at Willow Rock Brewery at 5pm for a beer or two before heading down to the War Memorial as the Syracuse Crunch take on the Utica Comets at 7pm.

Contact Pat for tickets and any additional details and we hope to see you at these events!

End of the Season - Draft Playoffs, Ian's Tournament and Thank You!

With a flurry of events in the last few days, the SIHA season has come to a close.

The Draft Season playoffs were played on Sunday and Eddie and the Jets topped Rob'd in the finals of this the 1st year of the Draft Session.  Chad Smith scores a hat trick and both Bobby Krol and Tom Koch have 3 points in a 6-3 victory.  Ed Winocek lead the draft session in all goalie categories and takes home the MVP for the Draft Session.  The 3rd place game was kinda a shit show as both teams barely had enough skaters and there were no goalies for it, but we are called Kinda Fast Eddies as the 3rd place finishers.  We want to thank all of you for taking part in this draft session and would love to hear your feedback on it, positive or negative, as we start to plan for next year.

On Saturday, the league held its 1st Annual Ian Prescott Memorial Tournament and it was a great success.  We really appreciate all of those that came out to play floor hockey and donate money in the memory of a wonderful guy.  We are already thinking about how we can improve upon it for next year and look forward to honoring this great man for years to come.  

Lastly, thank you to everyone of you in SIHA.  There were quite a few changes to this year's season, most of them revolving around the new and updated website.  We have only scratched the surface with this website, so we are planning on utilizing even MORE updated throughout the off season hoping that we can bring you even more content.  We absolutely want to hear from you about how this summer was, good comments AND bad comments.  We want to make this the best we can.  

Stay tuned to the website throughout the winter for SIHA nights at the Crunch games and exciting news for the next summer!

Ian Prescott Memorial Tournament - Updated

There has been some changes to the Ian Prescott Memorial Tournament.  For this year, we are going to have hockey from 9AM to 3PM tomorrow Saturday August 19th.  In the AM, we are going to start with some floor hockey and then as the day progresses we will move into roller hockey if that is what every one wants.  This day will be very loose and will be free for everyone, so come down and play some hockey.  We just ask that you bring a light and dark jersey so we can make teams.  There will be raffles and 50/50's and the large portion of the proceeds will go to Ian's family.

We hope to see you out for this end of the year celebration.

Draft Session Playoffs

Just wanted to let everyone know that the Draft Session season finals will be played on Sunday August 20th.  The 3rd and 4th place teams will play at 4:30 and the 1st and 2nd place teams will play at 5:30.  With one game left to play, the only seed that has been determined is the 4th seed, which is Kinda Fast Eddies.  The other 3 seeds will be posted Wednesday night after games are final.  The tiebreaker for seeds will be goals for first and then if somehow that is a tie, it will be the least goals against.  Good luck to all team and thanks for participating in this new format.

Champions Crowned!!

Championship Sunday have came and went and it did not disappoint.  Both games were extremely competitive, but there has to be a winner and a loser, so here is the recap of both games.

The B Division final pitted the upstart Endzone II team versus the favored BWW/Palm Isle team.  Endzone II was able to grab the lead a few ties throughout the 1st and 2nd periods, but each time BWW/Palm Isle were able to storm back to tie it up and they went into the 3rd period tied at 3.  Endzone II stuck first in the 3rd, but the resiliency of BWW/Palm Island was still strong as they tied it up at 4.  In the end,  a late goal from Nick Hall sealed the deal for Endzone II and gave them the B Division Championship.  Endzone II never trailed in the playoffs and their strong defensive play, shot blocking and timely scoring were the difference.  BWW/Palm Isle played an amazing game and Ross Sullivan played outstanding in the playoffs.

In the A Divison finals, top seeded Sharkey's played against the 3rd seed Lightning in a battle of MVP finalist (Montagna and Malinowski).  Sharkey's jumped out to an early lead, ending the first period 4-1.  The second period was a fairly even battle, with the Lightning closing the gap ever so slightly ending period number two down 3 goals.  The Lightning came out strong in the 3rd, making it a two goal game with under 8 to play, but Sharkey's just had too much firepower and pulled away late for a 12-7 final, giving Sharkey's back to back championships.  Shakey's was backstopped by top net minder Kara Parfumi and newcomer Mike Montagna was a superb off season signing.  A disappointing loss for the Lightning, who unfortunately were plagued by skater shortages thoughout the year.

Draft Session - Reminder

Just a reminder for all of you that signed up for the draft session.  If you have NOT paid the league yet for this session, you MUST have your $$ in before you step on the rink.  The session start on Monday.  Thank you.

Championship Games are Set!!

Well, we have our Championship games set and boy what a way to get there.  

Monday was both of the 1-4 match-ups and they did not disappoint.  The A Division was the 1 seed Sharkeys vs the 4 seed Endzone I and it was alot closer than the 10-3 score suggested.  In the end, Endzone II could not get some of their difference makers players to show up at all this season and this game was no different.   Sharkeys put it away in the third to move on to try and defend their A Division title.  In the B Division game, we had the 1 seed Crunch team vs. the 4 seed Endzone II and this game was electric.  The team matched up just a week earlier and the Crunch destroyed Endzone II 18-3, but in the playoffs anything can happen and that anything DID happen.  Endzone II played staunch defense and capitalized when they could, having the lead for most of the game.  But the Crunch hung tight and tied it up with under a minute to play.  A late penalty on the Crunch took a power play into overtime for Endzone II and Tyler "Don't Call Me Ken" Murphy scores the game winner to catapult Endzone II into the finals.

Wednesday's games had both of the 2 vs. 3 match-ups and these games were as good, if not better than the Monday games, which felt almost impossible.  In the A Division, the 2 seed Willow Rock played the 3 seed Lightning and both teams played hard from start to finish.  The Lightning played strong puck possession all game long, limiting the chances that Willow Rock had on goaltender Kenny Murphy, but each time you thought the Lightning was going to pull away, Willow Rock stormed back, exemplified by at buzzer beating goal by Bobby Krol at the end of the 2nd period, tying the game with one period to play.  The Lightning end up prevailing, but not before Willow Rock scores two late goals to make it a one goal game with under a minute to play.  The B Division game pitted the 2 seed Embroid Me squad against the 3 seed BWW/Palm Isle team and this one was all about one guy, Ross Sullivan.  The goaltender for the BWW/Palm Isle team frustrated the Embroid Me team all night long and registered a playoff shut out as BWW/Palm Isle wins this game 4-0.  Even a puck off the face mask, cracking his chin guard, would stop Captain Ross from giving an Herculean performance.  Embroid Me had MANY chances, but couldn't sneak one by Ross.

Championship games are on Sunday, the B Division first at 6:30PM and the A Division following at 7:30PM.  Hope to see you at the crowning of the Champions!

2017 Draft Recap

Team 1-

Kinda Fast Eddie’s

Captain Ed Gasparini used his first overall pick to select Joe Malinowski, who adds both offense and defense with the ability to elevate anyone’s game.  Joining Joe will be Tom Vallat, Bill Shaw and Chris Poplarski up front.  On defense Paul Modera, Ryan Paige and Angelo Scivetti should help minimize shots on Ross who just a few seasons ago faced over 1,000,000 shots in one season.  Ryan Paige complained that the league ordered mushroom pizza and not garlic on draft day, but that is part of his “game”.

Overall Rating - B


Team 2 -

Eddie and the Jets

Captain and net minder Ed Winocek used his number two pick overall to select Bobby "Bust" Krol.  The league views this as a high risk pick since normally Krol plays the role of Robin to Batman, so we shall see.  Team Winocek used their next few picks to grab players like, Larkin, Smith and Gilmore to round out there A selections. On D they selected Mauer and Shultz and they also selected Jeremy Johnson right after the a bar stool

Overall Rating - B+


Team 3 Guba’s Goobers

Captain John Guba selected Mike Montagna with his first round pick and Scott Richards as the goalie, which the league views as nice additions for your first two picks.  Guba struggled after this point selecting players that were not in the draft or ones that were picked already.  Some of the picks we liked were O’Neil and Captain Hook 2/3 of this year’s 3 on 3 champions.  Guba also added Greene and Zach Hall for offense and Lyke as well.  Curtis Lyke leads the league in texts to Pat asking for information.  With Guba and Lyke on the same team the leagues email box will be filled by the first game with stat corrections.

Overall Rating - C+


Team 4 Rob’d

Captain Rob Duhoski wisely selected the top net minder in Kara Parfumi with his first pick along with Nick Hall, who will add offense and defense up front, as well as his top level skill of yelling “fuck” at the top of his lungs.  Zack Hall tweeted out the selection was BULLSHIT after learning how early Nick went. On Defense Dan Koch and Chuck Butterfield along with Letterer make this team back line very strong in the eyes of the league. Late addition Platt and Waldon will also have an impact on offense and defense, but Waldon has started a Go Fund Me account to raise funds to pay for the session.

Overall Rating – A


All comic stylings in this post are compliments of League Owner Pat Favalo.  Send all abusive emails and menacing texts directly to the Pat “Big Dawg” Favalo.

End of the Year Award Winners!

End of the Year Award Winners in each division are up.  See if you took home the hardware!!  Go to 2017 Regular, Stats, Awards to find it.

Summer Draft League Session is a GO!

As of 9AM on Friday July 28th, we have enough to do a 4 team draft season!!  Thanks for all of you that signed up.  We are holding the LIVE draft tonight at the Palm Isle Bar at the rink tonight at 7:30PM.  If you are interested in being a captain of one of the 4 teams, please show up tonight at 7:30PM.  We will them randomly draw 4 names from a hat to select the captains and then start the draft.  Stat sheets of all the players will be available at the draft so you can see who has done what this year in each division.  After that the teams will be set on the website and we will release the schedule.  One last note, of the 45 players signed up, 37 players did NOT pay online.  We MUST have you $$ before you step on the rink.  There will be no payment plans or grace period for this session as it is too short.  We appreciate your help with this.

Draft Session - Updated

One of the things that we have wanted to try for some time now is a draft session so this August we are going to see if we an give it a try.  Basically we are going to have captains (not sure if it will be us selecting the captains, random selection, goalies as captains, etc..) draft their teams from a pool of players regardless of division or previous team.  We will then play a 5 game session with the top two teams playing each other for the championship.  

We are still in the final stages of putting together the details, but soon we will be posting a link to sign up for this.  We will NEED at least 4 teams of 9 players each (8 skaters and a goalie) to make this happen, but are hoping for 6 teams.  The days we would play would be most likely the same (depending on the # of teams) and we are planning on having the draft as a live event  at the bar (Palm Isle) at the rink so even if you don't end up being a captain, you can still show up, drink a beer or two and see what team you end up on and maybe help your captain draft the winning team.

This session dates will be announced shortly.

We will be speaking to each team in the coming weeks to gauge interest on this.  If this is a success, we would be interested in expanding this in the coming years.  

Summer League Playoffs - Schedule Set (7/24/17)

The playoffs will start on Monday July 31st.  Here is the schedule for the playoffs and all matchups have now been set and should be reflected on the schedule.

A Division -

Sharkeys vs Endzone II Monday July 31th at 7:30, Willow Rock vs Lightning Wednesday August 2nd at 7:30, Championship Game Sunday August 6th at 7:30.

B Division - 

Crunch  vs Endzone II Monday July 31th at 8:30, EmbroidMe vs BWW/Palm Isle Wednesday August 2nd at 8:30, Championship Game Sunday August 6th at 6:30.

3 on 3 Endurance Challenge - Winner!!

Congrats to our 3 on 3  Endurance Challenge Champs - Oldies/Goodies.  The team of Chris "Not Ken Murphy" Galante in net, Ryan "Ryno" O'Neil, Larry "Captain Hook" Socia and Sean "My God Am I Going to Have to Carry This Team Offensively" Larkin beat Team Smurphy 7-4 in the finals despite a Messier-like guarantee from Joe Malinowski that his team would be victorious, betting on his own team like he was Pete Rose.  Team Finals or Bust was eliminated first in the Goals For round.  Pretty in Pink went out in the Goal Differential round and Mac Daddy and TJs Big Boys were both taken down in the elimination round.  Thanks to all who participated!

The 2017 3 on 3 Endurance Challenge

The teams are is your lineup and schedule for the 3 on 3 Endurance Challenge of Saturday July 22, starting at 9AM.  Please be sure to bring a light and dark jersey and your $10.

Team 1 - Smurphy

Ken Murphy (G), Joe Malinowski, Cassie Blair, Chad Smith.  Odds 7 to 1.

Team 2 - Mac Daddy

Johnny Mcgrory (G), Turkey, Nick Hall, Mike Schultz.  Odds 8 to 1.

Team 3 - Finals or Bust

Jason Heindorf (G), Rob Duhoski, Kyler Wilbur, Zach Hall.  Odds 4 to 1.

Team 4 - Oldies/Goodies

Chris Galante (G), Ryno, Larry Scoia, Sean Larkin.  Odds 14 to 1

Team 5 - Pretty in Pink

Kara Parfumi (G), Joey Delargy, Scott Garland, Mike Montagna.  Odds 6 to 1.

Team 6 - TJ's Big Boys

TJ Hooker, T Murph, CJ, Paulie Modera.  Odd 10 to 1.

Schedule - 

1 vs 2  9:00AM

3 vs 4  9:15AM

5 vs 6  9:30AM

2 vs 4  9:45AM

1 vs 5  10:00AM

3 vs 6  10:15AM

4 vs 5  10:30AM

1 vs 3  10:45AM

2 vs 6  11:00AM

Schedule of 2nd and third rounds determined on the fly after 1st round is decided.

1st Round - Goals For decided who is eliminated (1 team eliminated

2nd Round - Goal Differential decides who is eliminated (1 team eliminated)

3rd - 1 plays 4, 2 plays 3.  Winners play for the championship.

Good luck to all teams.

3 on 3 Endurance Challenge and More!

Upcoming events!

3 on 3 Endurance Challenge - This will be held on Saturday July 22nd from 9AM to 3PM.   Bring $10 and a light and dark jersey for this fun summer event.  Reach out to Pat or Kevin to let us know you plan to attend.

Draft Session - Draft Night - Join us on Friday July 28th for the first ever LIVE SIHA Draft.  We will kick it off at 7:30 and the Captains will draft players from both leagues for a 6 game min-session.  Look for the registration link on the home page and sign up!

Mamba 72 End of Year Tournament - Help honor Ian Prescott by coming out to participate in the end of season tournament and surface removal.  This tournament date is still TBA, stay tuned.

Overtime - Regular Season & Playoffs

An in-season change has been made to the league's policy on tie games after regulation.  

For this season, if teams are tied in a Regular Season game after regulation, a 5 minute running time overtime period will be played 3 on 3 (unless there is a penalty carrying over into overtime, then the entire overtime will be played 4 on 4).  No timeouts are available in overtime, regardless if you used you timeout in regulation.  If the game is still tied after that overtime, it will end in a tie and each team will receive a point.  If a team wins in overtime, they will receive 2 points while the team that lost in overtime will receive one point.

For this season, if the teams are tied in a Playoff Game after regulation, the same rules above will apply.  The only difference is that if the overtime period ends in a tie, the teams will then go to a shootout.  It will be a best out of 3 shootout and if that is still tied after 3 rounds, then the teams will go into a sudden death shootout.  EACH player must take a turn in the shootout before reusing a skater, so choose your order carefully.

Because this is an in-season change to the way we are handling tie games, the settings of the league will not allow us to change methodologies mid-season, so we will keep track of those points and apply those points manually.  For example, on Monday June 19th, the Crunch lost in OT to Embroid Me.  In the standings, it will show as a Win for Embroid Me and a loss for Crunch, but the Crunch WILL be added 1 point at the end of the season for the OT loss.  If you have any questions about the overtime policies, please contact the league.

In Memory

As many of you know, we lost a member of the SIHA family unexpectedly last week.  Ian Prescott had not been around for long, but his positive attitude, infectious smile and overall awesomness was obvious to everyone.  He will be sorely missed and we wish his friends and family our condolences.

New Website, but same SIHA!!

Welcome to the NEW Syracuse Inline Hockey Association website.  As you can see, we have given the website a major facelift and there are many new and exciting features to this website.  The new site will have all of the items that the old site, but in a much more updated fashion.  One of the biggest changes will be that we will now be doing registration online!  Having the registration online will allow us to gather all your information for this year and future years and also provide you the option to pay using checking account or credit card online.  We are working on stepping up our social media game (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) so we are including links on the site for all 3 hoping to provide game updates, stats and other exciting features.  Also, there is a mobile app through Sports Engine that will give you notifications of future games, game stats and more.  There is a lot of the website so we are working on getting as much up and running on it as possible before the season starts, but we also want to hear from you about things that do not work, things that don’t look right or things you would like see in the future.  Email with any of that information.  The biggest and most important part for you is to get registered and the details of how to do that are right below this message.  It’s a really easy 3 step process and we appreciate your help in making this change happen!  Thanks for all your support and we look forward to a great season!


We are located at 2725 West Entry Road Baldwinsville, NY 13027.  Below is a link to the arena itself which can provide you additional information.

Pat Favalo


Syracuse Inline Hockey Association

Kevin Gibson

General Manager/Webmaster

Phone: 3154308069


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