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Registration and Payment

With the first day of games in the books, the SIHA wants to remind you that you MUST register online (including your registration with USA Roller Sports) as soon as possible.  Your registration is how you get loaded into the league, how we keep your stats and how you get put on a roster.  Captains, PLEASE encourage all your teammates to register as quickly as possible.  

Additionally, payment is required for you to skate in the league, so if you register online and indicate that you are paying the league directly with cash or check, please bring that money to the rink when you show up for your game.  With the new website, we have given skaters the new option of paying online via credit cards, providing more flexibility in payment.

If you have not registered and/or paid for the league, we will not be able to allow you to skate.  That may mean that we will have to combine teams and we would really like to avoid that at all costs.  If you have any concerns or questions about payment or registration, please contact either Pat or Kevin.

Start of the Season and Rosters

Attention players, the start of the season is almost upon us.  We are releasing the first two weeks of the season shortly, so go to the schedule page to find out when you will be playing.  

There are a lot of changes for this year when it comes to teams, whether it is new sponsors, new players on team or even team being combined.  Since there are MANY of you who have not yet registered (PLEASE register as soon as possible!  See Below for registering), we are going on our best assumptions for teams right now based on the data we have been able to gather.  Here is a rough break down of teams and who is on them.

Right now, the best way to view all your team info is going to the Home Tab, then SIHA, select your division and then you team name and that will bring you to your team page.  Along to top tool bar there are also short cuts to Team Rosters, Standings, Player Stats, League Leaders, etc..

A Division

Team 1 - Sharkey's.  This team is pretty much the same as last year

Team 2 - Willow Rock.  The is the Endzone A team from last year.

Team 3 - Endzone.  This is the Reapers team from last year.

Team 4 - Lightning.  This is pretty much the same team from last year.

B Division 

Embroid Me - The is the Labatt team from last year.  Sobolewski, Ogorchuck, etc..

Endzone II - This is a combination of the PBR team and the Endzone team from last year.  Gibson, Vallat, Panto, Crosby, etc..

BWW - This is the same BWW team from last year.

Crunch - This is the B Division Championship team from last year with Cory, Ed, Guba, etc..

Palm Isle - This is Shultz's team from last year.

If you are new, check the team rosters, anyone new that has signed up has been placed on a team.  Contact the league if you need help with that or would like contact info for your captain.

If you have ANY questions about what team you are on or have questions get in touch with the league.  We have had to make difficult choices to figure out how to schedule things based on the low turnout of registration to this point.

Important Info for Upcoming Season

With the season of roller hockey rapidly approaching, here is some important info that you need to know as we move forward.

We have been hearing that there have been some confusion on where and how to email.  You can email or  You can also use the EMail button in the Contact Us area at the bottom of the page and that will get your email to us as well.

That means that the season is schedule to start on Monday May 22nd/Wednesday May 24th with one game being played during that first week, with the following week off for Memorial Day.  The season will be 18 games and playoffs are not guaranteed.  Games will be played on Sunday, Monday and Wednesday as they were played last year (with an occasional Thursday)

We play to have All Star Saturday, the 3 on 3 Endurance Challenge and we will be debuting the Draft Season after the Summer Session concludes.  Teams will be drafted on August 12th and then we will play a handful of games with drafted teams.  Additional information will follow as we get closer.

Lots happening as the season get closer.  If you have ANY questions, reach out to us and we will help clarify anything.


Without a doubt, the biggest change this year is that we are doing the registration online.  We wanted to find the best way to capture everyone's information and also make it easy for everyone to do, at the same time giving the skater various options to pay.  Registration is a 3 step process this year and all 3 steps are outline below.

1.  Sign up for your Sports Engine account.  The link to download the app from the iTunes Store and the Google Play store is below to the far left.  You can also create a Sports Engine account using the icon in the upper left hand corner of this website.

2.  Sign up to get your US Roller Sports number.  The link to that website in below in the center "Online Registration Portal".  You MUST have a US Roller Sports # before registering for the league.  The Club ID NY165H and the Membership Category is Inline and then House.  It should be $35

3.  Register for the upcoming SIHA Season.  The link for this is below to the far right.  In this section, you will fill out all of your contact information as well as method of payment.  This year you are still able to pay the league in person with cash or check, but we have now added the ability to pay by checking account number online or credit card #.  There is a small fee associated with paying online ($7.30 total), but it provide the skater the flexibility to pay more than one way.  Two small issues we are having.  One is that the Year of Birth is currently only going back to 1995, so choose any year right now and we will fix it later.  Also, the Parent/Guardian section below does not need to be filled out.  You can just skip it.

If you have ANY questions, please email with your questions or contact information and we will help you out!

New Website, but same SIHA!!

Welcome to the NEW Syracuse Inline Hockey Association website.  As you can see, we have given the website a major facelift and there are many new and exciting features to this website.  The new site will have all of the items that the old site, but in a much more updated fashion.  One of the biggest changes will be that we will now be doing registration online!  Having the registration online will allow us to gather all your information for this year and future years and also provide you the option to pay using checking account or credit card online.  We are working on stepping up our social media game (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) so we are including links on the site for all 3 hoping to provide game updates, stats and other exciting features.  Also, there is a mobile app through Sports Engine that will give you notifications of future games, game stats and more.  There is a lot of the website so we are working on getting as much up and running on it as possible before the season starts, but we also want to hear from you about things that do not work, things that don’t look right or things you would like see in the future.  Email with any of that information.  The biggest and most important part for you is to get registered and the details of how to do that are right below this message.  It’s a really easy 3 step process and we appreciate your help in making this change happen!  Thanks for all your support and we look forward to a great season!


We are located at 2725 West Entry Road Baldwinsville, NY 13027.  Below is a link to the arena itself which can provide you additional information.

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