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The 2017 3 on 3 Endurance Challenge

The teams are is your lineup and schedule for the 3 on 3 Endurance Challenge of Saturday July 22, starting at 9AM.  Please be sure to bring a light and dark jersey and your $10.

Team 1 - Smurphy

Ken Murphy (G), Joe Malinowski, Cassie Blair, Chad Smith.  Odds 7 to 1.

Team 2 - Mac Daddy

Johnny Mcgrory (G), Turkey, Nick Hall, Mike Schultz.  Odds 8 to 1.

Team 3 - Finals or Bust

Jason Heindorf (G), Rob Duhoski, Kyler Wilbur, Zach Hall.  Odds 4 to 1.

Team 4 - Oldies/Goodies

Chris Galante (G), Ryno, Larry Scoia, Sean Larkin.  Odds 14 to 1

Team 5 - Pretty in Pink

Kara Parfumi (G), Joey Delargy, Scott Garland, Mike Montagna.  Odds 6 to 1.

Team 6 - TJ's Big Boys

TJ Hooker, T Murph, CJ, Paulie Modera.  Odd 10 to 1.

Schedule - 

1 vs 2  9:00AM

3 vs 4  9:15AM

5 vs 6  9:30AM

2 vs 4  9:45AM

1 vs 5  10:00AM

3 vs 6  10:15AM

4 vs 5  10:30AM

1 vs 3  10:45AM

2 vs 6  11:00AM

Schedule of 2nd and third rounds determined on the fly after 1st round is decided.

1st Round - Goals For decided who is eliminated (1 team eliminated

2nd Round - Goal Differential decides who is eliminated (1 team eliminated)

3rd - 1 plays 4, 2 plays 3.  Winners play for the championship.

Good luck to all teams.

End of the Year Award Finalists

End of the Year Award Finalists in each division are up.  See if you name is on there!

Summer Draft League Session!!

The link for the summer draft league session is LIVE below.  Click on the link and register for the new 6 game session taking place in August!  It's $65 for the session and the deadline to register is July 27th

3 on 3 Endurance Challenge and More!

Upcoming events!

3 on 3 Endurance Challenge - This will be held on Saturday July 22nd from 9AM to 3PM.   Bring $10 and a light and dark jersey for this fun summer event.  Reach out to Pat or Kevin to let us know you plan to attend.

Draft Session - Draft Night - Join us on Friday July 28th for the first ever LIVE SIHA Draft.  We will kick it off at 7:30 and the Captains will draft players from both leagues for a 6 game min-session.  Look for the registration link on the home page and sign up!

Mamba 72 End of Year Tournament - Help honor Ian Prescott by coming out to participate in the end of season tournament and surface removal.  This tournament date is still TBA, stay tuned.

Summer League Playoffs

The playoffs will start on Monday July 31st.  Here is the schedule for the playoffs.  Once the places are confirmed, the games will officially go up on the calendar.

A Division -

1st vs 4th Monday July 31th at 7:30, 2nd vs 3rd Wednesday August 2nd at 7:30, Championship Game Sunday August 6th at 7:30.

B Division - 

Crunch  vs Endzone II Monday July 31th at 8:30, EmbroidMe vs BWW/Palm Isle Wednesday August 2nd at 8:30, Championship Game Sunday August 6th at 6:30.

Draft Session - Updated

One of the things that we have wanted to try for some time now is a draft session so this August we are going to see if we an give it a try.  Basically we are going to have captains (not sure if it will be us selecting the captains, random selection, goalies as captains, etc..) draft their teams from a pool of players regardless of division or previous team.  We will then play a 6 game session with the top two teams playing each other for the championship.  

We are still in the final stages of putting together the details, but soon we will be posting a link to sign up for this.  We will NEED at least 4 teams of 9 players each (8 skaters and a goalie) to make this happen, but are hoping for 6 teams.  The days we would play would be most likely the same (depending on the # of teams) and we are planning on having the draft as a live event  at the bar (Palm Isle) at the rink so even if you don't end up being a captain, you can still show up, drink a beer or two and see what team you end up on and maybe help your captain draft the winning team.

This session will stat on Sunday August 13th, play on Sunday, Monday and Wednesday and the Championship game will be Sunday September 3rd.

We will be speaking to each team in the coming weeks to gauge interest on this.  If this is a success, we would be interested in expanding this in the coming years.  

Overtime Loss Points

This note will be a running total of the teams that have gotten overtime loss points.  Each time you lose in OT, you get 1 point.

Sharkey's - 1

Willow Rock - 0

Endzone 1 - 0

Lightning - 0

Embroid Me - 0

Endzone II - 0

BWW/Palm Isle - 0

Crunch - 1

Overtime - Regular Season & Playoffs

An in-season change has been made to the league's policy on tie games after regulation.  

For this season, if teams are tied in a Regular Season game after regulation, a 5 minute running time overtime period will be played 3 on 3 (unless there is a penalty carrying over into overtime, then the entire overtime will be played 4 on 4).  No timeouts are available in overtime, regardless if you used you timeout in regulation.  If the game is still tied after that overtime, it will end in a tie and each team will receive a point.  If a team wins in overtime, they will receive 2 points while the team that lost in overtime will receive one point.

For this season, if the teams are tied in a Playoff Game after regulation, the same rules above will apply.  The only difference is that if the overtime period ends in a tie, the teams will then go to a shootout.  It will be a best out of 3 shootout and if that is still tied after 3 rounds, then the teams will go into a sudden death shootout.  EACH player must take a turn in the shootout before reusing a skater, so choose your order carefully.

Because this is an in-season change to the way we are handling tie games, the settings of the league will not allow us to change methodologies mid-season, so we will keep track of those points and apply those points manually.  For example, on Monday June 19th, the Crunch lost in OT to Embroid Me.  In the standings, it will show as a Win for Embroid Me and a loss for Crunch, but the Crunch WILL be added 1 point at the end of the season for the OT loss.  If you have any questions about the overtime policies, please contact the league.

In Memory

As many of you know, we lost a member of the SIHA family unexpectedly last week.  Ian Prescott had not been around for long, but his positive attitude, infectious smile and overall awesomness was obvious to everyone.  He will be sorely missed and we wish his friends and family our condolences.


Without a doubt, the biggest change this year is that we are doing the registration online.  We wanted to find the best way to capture everyone's information and also make it easy for everyone to do, at the same time giving the skater various options to pay.  Registration is a 3 step process this year and all 3 steps are outline below.

1.  Sign up for your Sports Engine account.  The link to download the app from the iTunes Store and the Google Play store is below to the far left.  You can also create a Sports Engine account using the icon in the upper left hand corner of this website.

2.  Sign up to get your US Roller Sports number.  The link to that website in below in the center "Online Registration Portal".  You MUST have a US Roller Sports # before registering for the league.  The Club ID NY165H and the Membership Category is Inline and then House.  It should be $35

3.  Register for the upcoming SIHA Season.  The link for this is below to the far right.  In this section, you will fill out all of your contact information as well as method of payment.  This year you are still able to pay the league in person with cash or check, but we have now added the ability to pay by checking account number online or credit card #.  There is a small fee associated with paying online ($7.30 total), but it provide the skater the flexibility to pay more than one way.  Two small issues we are having.  One is that the Year of Birth is currently only going back to 1995, so choose any year right now and we will fix it later.  Also, the Parent/Guardian section below does not need to be filled out.  You can just skip it.

If you have ANY questions, please email with your questions or contact information and we will help you out!

New Website, but same SIHA!!

Welcome to the NEW Syracuse Inline Hockey Association website.  As you can see, we have given the website a major facelift and there are many new and exciting features to this website.  The new site will have all of the items that the old site, but in a much more updated fashion.  One of the biggest changes will be that we will now be doing registration online!  Having the registration online will allow us to gather all your information for this year and future years and also provide you the option to pay using checking account or credit card online.  We are working on stepping up our social media game (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) so we are including links on the site for all 3 hoping to provide game updates, stats and other exciting features.  Also, there is a mobile app through Sports Engine that will give you notifications of future games, game stats and more.  There is a lot of the website so we are working on getting as much up and running on it as possible before the season starts, but we also want to hear from you about things that do not work, things that don’t look right or things you would like see in the future.  Email with any of that information.  The biggest and most important part for you is to get registered and the details of how to do that are right below this message.  It’s a really easy 3 step process and we appreciate your help in making this change happen!  Thanks for all your support and we look forward to a great season!


We are located at 2725 West Entry Road Baldwinsville, NY 13027.  Below is a link to the arena itself which can provide you additional information.

Syracuse Inline Hockey Association

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Phone: 3154308069

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